There’s a beard which—in the spectrum of beard—falls far forward, into the full ascendance of beard—a beard which speaks of a casual elegance, an easy, confident elegance—a beard among beards.

This beard is not in the lower spectrum of beards—

  • The:  I’ve partied for days beard
  • The: wanna be metrosexual beard
  • or the crusty but defiant, mossy tree beard.

These beards belong to those you may or may not want to trust. They’re uncertain, these beards, clinging to potentially uncertain men.  They’re risky—transitory. They’re beards of fashion or inattention.

These are not the beards of a man who knows himself.

And then there’s the beard of the evolved man. This is the kind of beard that gives you a feeling that the world is a sensible place. It’s a beard of calm, the kind of calm that quiets a room and then produces a distinct and deeper murmuring. It’s the beard of peppery Chardonnays and of knees touching knees—

this beard, this masculine heat.

Don’t be fooled. It has its hedonism, but only in the most proper of ways. It’s subtle, but bold, this beard in the highest continuum of beard. It’s the kind of beard that would make Plato proud, the kind of beard that holds a place in the area of beard reserved for—well—those inclined toward a certain magnificence of hirsute sensibility.

As only this kind of man could know.

And a few others—
who understand the astute quality,
the quiet love,
the fierceness
in this sphere
of beard.

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