Give away your left pinkie
toe. There is nothing more for you
to do. It is not yours anyway.
If someone asks, give up
your arm. They may need another limb
to hold them. Dark nights
may have multiplied, snuffing
the candles in their eyes. If they ask,
give. This is all
you need to know.

Sometimes they’ll ask for your heart.
This too, you can give.
Tell them they can suck
on it like a lolly. Tell them not
to tear the flesh. A heart gives
its rewards when handled gently.

They’ll do with it what they will.
This is not for you
to decide. Your act is in the giving,
in the remembering that all this is salve
to the mouths of others. Allow them meat
where there’s been only bread.

If you can love like this, you will
be like the lizard who regenerates
her tail. Your body will grow so big,
you’ll have thousands of arms
to throw out into the streets.

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