Melissa Bond began her poetic rabble rousing in Salt Lake City by organizing the city’s first Poetry Slam in 1995. In spite of death threats and claims that she’d be summarily packed off to Portland or Austin for encouraging such heretical self-expression, the event was a smash success, and led to many more. Eventually, for her efforts, she was awarded the Mayor’s Artist Award for the Literary Arts.

Following Hurricane Katrina, Melissa charged into Biloxi and the New Orleans to help tear out storm soaked drywall with her bare hands. Later, she helped stage a multimedia show about said drywall, and the people who no longer lived within it.

Melissa was a finalist in the Western Publisher’s Association Maggie Awards for Profile writing. She’s also published three chapbooks of poetry but only her heartiest friends and most daring family members have read them.

For the past several years, she’s been working on raising a hilarious kid with Down Syndrome and another with the usual number of chromosomes, both of whom play a big part in her newest book, Blood Orange Night. Her short film, Gooogled, based loosely on the book and mostly on her boy, premiered at the San Jose International Short Film Festival in October 2016.